Office paper folder-SF-826

Three dedicated infeed office shredder


Security level:P-2P-4P-5
Strip width/
Particle size:
4mm (3/16 inches)4x40 mm, (3/16 x 1 5/8 inches)2x10 mm, ( 3/32 x 3/8 inches )
Sheet capacity:24 sheets(70gsm),1 CDs,1 credit card
17 sheets(70gsm),1 CDs,1 credit card15 sheets(70gsm),1 CDs,1 credit card
Shred speed:3m/minute, ( 9.8 feet/ minute )3m/minute, ( 9.8 feet/ minute )3m/minute, ( 9.8 feet/ minute )
Shred (Ex paper):Paper clips, staples, CDs/DVDs, credit card,Paper clips, staples, CDs/DVDs, credit card,Paper clips, staples, CDs/DVDs, credit card,
Noise level:Less than 56dbLess than 56dbLess than 56db
Shred volume:34L ( 9 gal )34L ( 9 gal )34L ( 9 gal )
Feed opening:230mm ( 9 inches )230mm ( 9 inches )230mm ( 9 inches )
Power supply:220V, 50Hz/ 110V, 60Hz220V, 50Hz/ 110V, 60Hz220V, 50Hz/ 110V, 60Hz
Package dimensions:490x385x725 mm (19.3x15.2x28.5 inches)490x385x725 mm (19.3x15.2x28.5 inches)490x385x725 mm (19.3x15.2x28.5 inches)
Gross weight:18.9 Kg ( 41.67 lbs )21.5 Kg(47.4 lbs)19.5Kg(43 lbs)
List Price:US$199.00US$219.00US$239.00


  • Automatic Start and Stop functions;
  • Double protection against overheating;
  • High quality, hardened paper cutting shafts hold 2 year warranty;
  • Automatic power off when bin is removed from cabinet, or bin is full;
  • Quiet and powerful motor for continuous workings;
  • LCD display instructions;
  • Three dedicated infeed options, one for papers, one for CDs/DVDs and one for credit cards;
  • Automatic reverse and power off when overfed;
  • Working noise less than 58db like book page turnings;
  • CE certification approval for cross cut models;
  • Separate CDs/DVDs waste compartment

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