Paper Folder | Letter & Paper Folding Machine with creasing feature & delivery stacker

Paper Folder SF-22M provides an economical solution for low-volume folding projects. Clearly marked fold settings and out-of-box operation make this folder ideal for churches, schools, and offices that demand quick and easy set-up with minimal adjustment. This compact folder processes 11” and 14” paper at speed up to 120 sheets per minute, and can accommodate both standard and custom folds.

The SF-22M office folder is able to handle A4 sheets. The adjustment of the folding plates is done in no time: both folding plates have a self-explaining scale for 4 different fold types, incl cross fold. Additionally each plate is equipped with a quick and fine-tune adjustment to achieve always perfect folding result.

With A4 paper delivery stacker and creasing feature as option, which can maximum satisfy different folding jobs from customers locally.

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Model:SF-22M folder
Fold speed:7000 sheets/ h
Paper size:B6(182x128mm) – A4(297x210mm)
Paper weight:50—200 gsm
Paper stack capacity:300 sheets, 64gsm
Power supply:220V, 50Hz/ 110V, 60Hz
Dimensions:W 876 x D 362 x H 460 mm
Weight:26 Kg



Different with SF-12M, it have options for creasing functions.


Six popular fold types available include Letter fold, Half fold, Double Parallel, Accordion fold, Gate fold and Fold-out


Add this paper stacker, make it easy to fold small paper like 70 mm, even 50mm( half fold is OK ).

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