Entry Level Laminator with anti-curl finish

The SF-10 series laminator is an innovative laminating system designed for laminating. This model is available in 380mm/14” and 650mm/26” widths. The SF-10 series laminator gives the flexibility of single side or double side lamination, providing an affordable and effective solution, compared to outsourcing.
The SF-10 series is a very good value single and double-sided thermal laminating machines on the market, they’re simple to use, easy to maintain, quick and reliable.


Max film width(mm/inches):380/14"650/26"
Max film thickness(mm/inches):10/ 3/8 "10/ 3/8 "
Power consumption(W):15502000
Max speed(m/ft/min):3.2m/11ft3.2m/11ft
Temperature range( C/F ):20-180/ 68-35620-180/ 68-356
Paper thickness( gsm/lbs )80gsm+/ 53lbs +80gsm+/ 53lbs +
Warm up time(mins):1515
Rollers:4 (1 steel + 3 rubber)4 (1 steel + 3 rubber)
Core size:1" & 3"1" & 3"
Heating method:Steel rollerSteel roller
Power supply:220-240, 50Hz/ 110V, 60Hz220-240, 50Hz/ 110V, 60Hz
Package Dimension(mm):W750 x D610 x H520W1010 x D610 x H520
Package Dimension(mm)-with stand:W750 x D610 x H680W1010 x D610 x H680
Machine Dimension(mm):W660 x D580 x H450W940 x D580 x H450
Machine Dimension(mm)-with stand:W660 x D580 x H1150W940 x D580 x H1150
Gross weight(Kg):50 / 70(with stand)75 / 100(with stand)
Net weight(Kg):40 / 60(with stand)65 / 90(with stand)
OptionsStand, Film slitterStand, Film slitter


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  • The anti-curl bar allows the thinnest of laminates to be applied
  • Laminates 1-10.0 mil, one side or two
  • Variable speed and temperature control
  • Reversible
  • Independent upper and lower roller temperature controls
  • Laminates/Mounts to 3/8’’ thick
  • Thermal or Cold laminating
  • Heavy duty, all-metal construction
  • 2 years warranty